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                  Corporate culture

                  Corporate culture

                  The construction of corporate culture is rich and extensive, which can be summed up as "four line construction": the production line of human character, product and spiritual culture.
                  1、 Character production line
                  The production line of human character refers to the whole process of reproduction, management, circulation and consumption of human character in accordance with the standard of human resource demand and the corresponding operation mechanism. Personality includes five key indicators: education level, professional skills, innovation ability, thought accomplishment and physical condition.
                  The company's human quality production line is a human quality processing production line established on the basis of the existing human quality, to meet the company's development, and to meet the needs of a batch of high-quality and high-quality leadership team, management team, technical staff team and technical workers team, which reprocesses, retrains, sublimates and improves the common human quality within the company Its special reproduction mode and process.
                  In order to ensure the construction of the personal quality production line, the company has established a set of management systems for talent identification, introduction, allocation, assessment, evaluation, promotion, punishment, training, competition, flow, remuneration, welfare, resignation, dismissal, retirement, etc. that meet the requirements of modern enterprise personnel system.
                  2、 Product line
                  The company is recognized and praised by the society and users by providing high-quality products and perfect services. The market and user needs become the direction of the company's development. In the fierce competition market, the company must actively seek development and growth, which requires all employees of the company to work together to show the best self in the market.
                  The company's product production line is to carry out comprehensive quality control and cost control in various aspects such as product variety, product model, product production process, product sales, product after-sales service, etc., so as to achieve product diversification, process standardization, cost minimization, performance stabilization and full optimization of service, so as to occupy a larger market share.
                  3、 In order to ensure that the employees have sufficient physical strength to complete all the work, the company continues to innovate in logistics support, providing nutrition, convenience and fast catering for the employees, and ensuring food hygiene, so as to form a food culture with the company's characteristics.
                  4、 Spiritual and cultural production line
                  Spirit is the soul that dominates human activities. While the company is producing products and services, it is also producing spiritual products - company spirit. The company requires employees to have aspirations rather than burdens. The company will try to meet the reasonable needs of employees at different levels, and will enrich their spare time life.
                  The construction of the company's spiritual and cultural production line includes the following aspects: the sense of identity to the company's values, the sense of identity to the company's leaders, the sense of identity to the team, loyalty, dedication, responsibility; large holidays, major events schedule, entertainment and sports activities
                  Enterprise concept
                  Enterprise policy: customer first, quality first
                  Enterprise goal: scientific management of large-scale group, international market, joint-stock development and diversification of capital
                  Enterprise spirit: unite and work hard to open up and innovate plateau people, work together to create a better tomorrow based on quality, establish the city in good faith, and welcome visitors from all walks of life. Harmonious innovation, market development, unity and hard work to create the future together
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