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                  Planetary reducer

                  Planetary reducer



                  • Product description
                  • 1、 Overview
                    NGW planetary reducer is mainly composed of 12 series of NBD, nazd, NAD, nbzd, NCD, nczd, NaF, nbfn, CF, nazf, nbzf, nczf and ndzf.
                    1. Structural features
                    (1) Small size, light weight, compact structure, high transmission power and high bearing capacity
                    (2) High transmission efficiency
                    (3) Large transmission ratio
                    (4) Stable operation
                    2. Purpose and conditions of use
                    NBD planetary gear reducer is mainly used for the reduction of mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation. The rotating speed of high-speed shaft is n = 600-1500r / min; the peripheral speed of gear is not more than 10m / S; the working environment temperature is - 40 ℃ - 40 ℃, and the maximum working oil temperature of reducer is not more than 90 ℃.
                    2、 Model meaning
                    Reducer code includes: model, grade, connection type, specification, nominal transmission ratio, assembly type and standard number.
                    Its mark symbol:
                    Type N-----NGW
                    A ---- first stage planetary gear reducer
                    B ---- secondary planetary gear reducer
                    C ---- three stage planetary gear reducer
                    D ---- base connection
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